Multi-layered, managed IT support and defence across your business – monthly.


Your business IT is critical to how you deliver services, secure data, manage resources and much more.

That sophistication deserves a serious approach to oversight. With an astute IT team, small problems won’t turn into large costly ones. Vital monitoring and maintenance will always go ahead – even in times of overload.

But you already know that.

So don’t wait for business-critical IT problems to implode, putting pressure on budgets and teams alike. Guide your business growth with the reliable systems, future-minded planning and transparent fees that drive our Managed IT Services.

The 7 pillars of our Managed IT Services

Deploy regular maintenance. Optimise system health. Anticipate ecosystem risks early… those are just to start with. Our wraparound IT management package is designed to ensure system security and business continuity, 24/7.
Have our detail-obsessed team merge the different, complex systems behind your IT into a standard set of highly secure services each month, across seven core activities:

Proactive monitoring

Get deep oversight of your IT ecosystem, and free up capacity so your in-house IT talents can work on more important things. Our end-to-end monitoring platform helps predict potential problems in time to devise solutions, and identify which routine tasks can be automated on servers and workstations.

Email security

Most cyber threats are delivered via malicious email, which is why robust email security is critical to your business. Receive our advanced threat protection and anti-impersonation measures, slashing the likelihood of phishing or virus emails from reaching your mailbox.

Centralised supplier management

Which business technology solution to use, and for which problem? Get us to streamline the vendor engagement process and source the best solutions, drawing on our deep, up-to-date knowledge of products and vendors.

Preventative maintenance

Just one security loophole is all it takes for a cyber threat to wreak havoc. Keep your IT in good health with the latest patches and updates, installed regularly to protect your system from security flaws that could be exploited.

Endpoint protection

Be certain that all end-user devices, such as computers and servers, are fitted with next-gen threat protection that safeguards your system from multiple attack vectors at once. If anything were to slip through the cracks, we can roll back the damage from a ransomware virus in just a few minutes.

Business continuity

Get a proper disaster recovery system in place so that any accidental downtime is limited to a few minutes or hours – not days or weeks. We’ll design and build a backup solution that’s right for your business, and pair it with a complete disaster recovery procedure that’s thoroughly tested to meet compliance standards.

Priority support

Even with meticulous protection in place, new threats are emerging around the globe daily. As our Managed IT Services client you’ll receive priority support for a fast, efficient response, backed by guaranteed response and resolution times.

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