Radical cyber security to guard all business fronts.

The Internet Never Sleeps

Mega security breaches, deepfake content and ransomware attacks are on the rise – every minute and all around the world. Chances are it’s happened to a business owner you know.

But you can stay protected.

Know who’s watching, shape user alertness and protect what’s priceless with Elastic IT’s choice of ongoing or project-based cyber security solutions.

We take care of fundamental steps, such as ensuring passwords aren’t reused or security software left unchecked, and advanced steps, ensuring no gap in security can be exploited by adversaries.


  • Cybercrime affects 1 in 4 Australian businesses

Cybercrime attacks in Australia are rising – but cyber security budgets aren’t.

Over 600,000 businesses were affected in 2018, up from 500,000-plus in 2017.

The average downtime following an attack is 23 days.

The estimated cost of cybercrime to Australian business is $29 billion.

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How we keep the cyberwolves from your door

Get our layered-defence approach to drastically reduce the chances of a cyber incident from damaging critical business operations – and your reputation. Our costs are much lower than running your own IT security team, and include:

  • Risk analysis

How at-risk is your business? We obsess over understanding all possible risks, then formulate a strategy to address each one. We can also help you uncover areas that need to be addressed for compliance or regulatory purposes.

  • Identity and password management

Proper identity management and password practice is a foundation of online account protection. Get our industry-leading password and identity management platforms to slash the risk of a breach caused by poor user security or password habits.

  • Vulnerability scanning

Which of the 473-plus platforms used by your business are most vulnerable to attack? That’s not an easy question for businesses with complex IT environments. Get the answers fast through our regular scans to highlight vulnerabilities, followed by remediation as needed.

  • Security awareness training

Employee negligence is responsible for up to half of all security breaches globally. Train your people on how to spot a fraudulent email, manage devices correctly, control user access and more. Our cyber security training is always tuned in to the latest cybercrime patterns, and designed to challenge your staff awareness levels.

  • Emergency detection and remediation

Ransomware incidents are on the rise, and our emergency detection and remediation platforms will stop small problems before becoming major ones. Using next-gen threat detection and SIEM (security information and event management) software, we can detect malicious activity and roll back any damage caused.

  • Incident response

Every second counts when you’ve been attacked or suspect a breach. Our fast, experienced team will quickly identify and scope the problem, then work closely with your team to respond. That could mean deleting files, terminating processes or running background fixes to stop the problem from spreading, no matter where you’re located. We’ll also put in place a post-incident management plan, complete with reporting.

Safeguard your business IT from malicious intent.

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