Server Upgrade & Virtualisation

Server Upgrade

Replace that old server before it gives up!

Are you still running your business off a tired server that’s past it’s used-by date? If it’s already out of warranty then you could be out of action for a while if it goes belly up. This could bring your business to a grinding halt and the loss of income could easily outweigh the cost of upgrading. Elastic IT can come to your rescue and help you finally retire that old server.


Not only do we supply server hardware but also have extensive experience when it comes to migrating servers. From single server deployments to fully redundant clusters, we’ll be able to find the right server solution and get your data & services migrated with ease. Furthermore, we’ll ensure that your new server platform is suitable for future growth and hybrid-cloud technology.

server upgrade

Virtualisation Solutions

The industry standard in reducing server hardware

Virtualisation has become the norm when it comes to server deployment & consolidation. The technology allows multiple “virtual” servers to be run from a single physical server or cluster and that dramatically reduces the amount of required hardware. Virtualisation also allows for much greater redundancy, fault tolerance and high availability when used in a clustered server & storage platform.


Elastic IT can help transform your server architecture to meet the demands of future growth and business expansion by utilising the 2 leading virtualisation platforms, Vmware & Hyper-V. We’ve spent years deploying both solutions and know the advantages & disadvantages of what each has to offer. Not only can we find cost savings through virtualisation but also increase reliability and scalability at the same time. Get in contact with our team to find out more about how we can transform your server experience.

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