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Office 365 Migration

Looking to make the switch to Office 365? Elastic IT provides complete Office 365 migration services from your existing Exchange Server, Small Business Server, POP3/IMAP  & G-Suite email platforms, starting from as low as $99 per mailbox.


On top of that we also offer data migration services to move your existing files & folders from your server, PC or other storage systems into OneDrive & Sharepoint Online.

Office 365 Backup

One of the common misconceptions of Office 365 is that since it’s all in the cloud, the data stored there is automatically backed up. While there are some features in Office 365 that provide a level of data retention, the restoration process is cumbersome, slow and the amount of data that can be stored is limited. This is most problematic for organisations that are required by law to retain their email communications long-term.


For a fixed monthly fee per user, Elastic IT offers a complete backup solution for Office 365 email, OneDrive and Sharepoint Online data that comes with unparalleled recovery capability as well as unlimited data retention and storage capacity.

Office 365 Support

While Office 365 doesn’t need a lot of attention once it’s set up, it can be daunting for the inexperienced to know how to make changes within the admin console. Adding new staff, groups and other Exchange items is fairly straight forward however mistakes can be made and these mistakes can lead to problems later on.

Furthermore, hybrid deployments of Office 365 are somewhat more complex and require technical expertise to implement and maintain. Elastic IT can provide you with the ongoing support of any Office 365 deployment with no fixed-term commitment necessary. Just call us when you need us!

Ready to make the switch?

Moving to Office 365 has never been so easy

1. Migration Planning

We take our time to ensure that you're Office 365-ready and take care of any potential hazards that might get in the way of a smooth transition

2. Data Migration

All your data is then migrated into Office 365 while you continue to work. This can take up to 2-3 weeks but can be as little as 24 hours

3. Go-Live

Once the time is right, we move everyone over and say goodbye to your old system. We'll be onsite on the day to make sure everything goes smoothly

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