Office 365

The benefits of Office 365

Mobility at it’s best

Whether you just need reliable email that has a rich feature set or need a full mobility and collaboration suite, Office 365 has something for everyone.


Gone are the days of saving that important file to your work PC, only to get home and not being able to access it. With Office 365, everything you’re working on is easily accessed from your PC, laptop and mobile device at any time. Furthermore, sharing files & other information with other staff and even external parties is easy and secure.

office 365

Ready to make the switch?

Moving to Office 365 has never been so easy

1. Migration Planning

We take our time to ensure that you're Office 365-ready and take care of any potential hazards that might get in the way of a smooth transition

2. Data Migration

All your data is then migrated into Office 365 while you continue to work. This can take up to 2-3 weeks but can be as little as 24 hours

3. Go-Live

Once the time is right, we move everyone over and say goodbye to your old system. We'll be onsite on the day to make sure everything goes smoothly

What does it cost to migrate?

Get started from $99 per mailbox

While our pricing starts at $99 per mailbox, we offer significant discounts for customers who sign up for one of our TotalCare plans, as well as for migrations of 10 mailboxes and over. Not-for-profit organisations also benefit from the reduced cost of Microsoft licensing and we pass on the migration cost savings as well.


Since every migration is different, you may find that we can do you a better deal once we know a bit more about your current situation and IT environment. Feel free fill out the request form or give us a call to find out more!

Already on Office 365?

We provide spam protection as well as a full managed backup solution

Office 365 Backup

Email Protection

TotalCare Service

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