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Power up your enterprise with Azure’s super-secure, seamless cloud infrastructure.

Revolutionise your cloud setup

Azure is more than the cloud. It’s a fundamental building block of digital innovation, ensuring your applications are always scalable and connectivity optimised, so your most critical business technology can be hosted offsite in a secured and protected environment.

Get more value out of your Azure cloud configuration by partnering with Elastic IT.

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  • How we help

We’ll help you make the right design choices, slash manual setup time and integrate the platform into your existing infrastructure. By keeping security top-of-mind, the final result is not only fast, scalable and reliable but also secure from malicious outsiders.

Have Elastic IT design and build your next Microsoft Azure project.


  • Security-first approach to Azure

Rather than build out a solution and then scramble to secure it later, we put security at the forefront of every Azure project we work on. Your system is protected from day one.


  • Advice across all Azure elements

We bring across experience from all aspects of Azure and IT, meaning projects aren’t reliant on multiple teams to achieve the same goal.


  • Competitive rates

Azure consultants are expensive and highly in demand. But we’ll work within your budget and help you find cost savings within the platform to offset our costs.

More businesses are moving into the cloud. This is why.

  • More secure than on-site storage

Thanks to stringent policies, compliance, technology and controls, your data and infrastructure are safer from outside threats. They’re also free from the risk of internal error or mismanagement.

  • Better cost control

For big businesses, cloud computing eliminates the headache of setting up, securing and staffing data centres; for smaller business, cloud gives access to a level of sophistication normally outside of realistic budgets.

  • Minimal equipment downtime for maintenance

Keep your teams productive for longer, and drastically cut the potential for theft or equipment damage.

  • Designed for flexibility

Your business and people can access their data securely no matter where they’re located, thanks to instant, resilient and reliable delivery.

  • Aligned with the future of business

Even if your business doesn’t currently deal with the blockchain, AI, internet of things, app development and big data, one day soon it will. And your Azure platform will be waiting, with all the capacity you need.

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