Managed Endpoint Protection

Managed Endpoint Protection

For workstations, servers and smartphones

Elastic IT’s Managed Endpoint Protection service is an end-to-end security platform designed to protect users from viruses, malware and malicious websites.


By utilising Webroot’s SecureAnywhere platform, we are able deliver a cost-effective protection solution that covers all user devices not matter where they are. This also allows us to leverage the most advanced cloud-based threat intelligence platform on the market today.

endpoint protection
endpoint protection

Why do I need Endpoint Protection?

Today’s cyber-threats are more advanced and cause more damage than ever before. The cost of a single ransomware incident can cost a small business as much as $700,000 to recover their data, should that be the only alternative. That’s why preventing these types of incidents should at the top of every organisations’ priority list.


By utilising an Endpoint Protection solution such as Webroot, you’re protecting your devices from traditional viruses distributed via malicious files as well as websites that are deemed unsafe.

Advanced and accurate Endpoint Protection

Stop threats and malicious websites with a 3-way shield

Server & Workstation

A lightweight agent ensures your servers & workstations are protected while using as few resources as possible. Advanced behaviour analysis monitors every running program to validate it is safe and can halt any activity that looks suspicious

Mobile Device

Similar to the endpoint agent, the smartphone agent monitors your mobile device to track suspicious activity, block malicious apps and can lock the device in the event that it is lost or stolen. All in a lightweight agent that won't drain your battery

Safe Browsing

To compliment both the mobile, server & workstation agents is the DNS protection service. Once configured, this service will forward all website activity to Webroot to validate that the site you are viewing is safe.

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