Managed Email Protection

Managed Email Protection

Stopping spam before it hits your inbox

Elastic IT’s Managed Email Protection service is a cloud-based email shield that protects you from unwanted spam and virus-infected emails.


By stopping these sorts of emails before they reach your mailbox, the possibility of one of them causing chaos is removed completely, leaving you only with clean, legitimate and safe email. The way things should be!

endpoint protection

Email Protection in the Cloud

No additional hardware or software required

Traditional anti-spam solutions that are either on your PC or email server, tend to just tag the email with “Spam” or “Virus” but still leave the potential threat in your inbox. This opens the door to human error by allowing someone to open the virus attachment if they think it looks legitimate.


Our Email Protection platform filters all emails before they reach your email system, eliminating the risk of having a risky email being delivered and opened. All this is performed in the cloud with no additional hardware or software required. Plus, our system works with Office 365, traditional POP3/IMAP email or even if you host your own email server!

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