Real Estate & Strata Management

When dealing with data, it’s imperative that it’s secured and recoverable in the event of a disaster. Since real estate agents must keep their inspection reports for 3 years, having a secured repository of these files as well as a secure offsite backup is necessary to meet legal requirements. Furthermore, real estate agent applications such as Console Gateway, RPOffice & REST do not natively back their data up automatically to an offsite location, leaving the backups on the main workstation or server. What happens if that machine dies, gets destroyed or stolen?


Elastic IT has the solution. Our Managed Cloud Backup service can protect all of your inspection records and property management applications, ensuring the data is stored long-term and offsite in a secured location. On top of that, we can recommend reliable local & cloud storage solutions for your inspection report information so you can access them wherever you are, at any time.


No matter the size of your practice, chances are you’re using LEAP, Softdocs, Worldox, Open Practice or one of the many other legal management solutions on the market. With most of these solutions come complex integration’s with other platforms and lots of manual steps that are necessary to configure each user every time they move desks or are assigned a new workstation. Furthermore, if you’re still hosting your own server in-house to run these applications, ensuring the data is backed up securely and is protected from ransomware should be the number one priority of every law firm.


Elastic IT has worked with many legal firms over the years and our TotalCare service is a perfect fit for any legal practice looking to gain the benefits of a properly monitored and maintained IT system. By utilising our cloud backup solution too, no longer will you need to rely on someone in the office taking home that external hard drive or swapping that backup tape each day. All your legal documents are backed up securely to the cloud and stored as long as you like.


Charities & Not-for-profit

Not for profit organisations have unique challenges when it comes to IT. Many organisations don’t have much of an IT budget and that can mean running on outdated hardware or using free solutions that are unreliable. While there are downsides, there are some benefits for not for profits that they may not even be aware of. Significant discounts are available from many leading software providers, including Microsoft, which means the basic Office 365 platform is available for free for those organisations with a recognised charitable status.


How can Elastic IT help your organisation? We can make sure you’re getting the right deals on all your hardware, software & licensing to ensure they’re in line with your not for profit status. This could potentially save tens of thousands and allow you to reallocate the funds elsewhere throughout the organisation. We also offer discounts on Office 365 migrations, backup and all our TotalCare plans.

Financial Sector

Security should be the number one focus for any organisation who deals with customer records containing credit or bank account information. Financial institutions, accountants and bookkeepers are prime examples of entities who work with these types of records on a daily basis and for the most part, they do not put enough emphasis on maintaining the security of their IT systems. Security breaches can cost more than just time & money. They can potentially damage an organisations’ reputation and that can be worth a lot more than the cost of maintaining a secure IT environment.


For those who take security seriously, we provide ongoing security risk assessments as part of our Total Care service. This identifies potential risks within your IT systems which can then be remediated before they can be used maliciously. We can also guide you on making strategic improvements to your IT security policies to ensure you’re compliant with industry & government regulations.


Corporate & Enterprise

Corporations & large enterprises often have a large enough user base to warrant the need for their own IT department however they are likely to face resource shortages when staff are allocated to project work or on extended leave. When staff shortages occur, more pressure is put on the remaining staff to complete the day to day tasks & system maintenance. That can lead to staff burnout and also mean that critical system maintenance is missed, opening the door to a potential security hole or system outage later on.


While hiring more IT staff sounds like the logical solution to this problem, it may not be financially feasible to hire full time employees. That’s where Elastic IT can help. We can help you fill the gaps in your IT team by providing the resources you need, when you need them, without the burden of hiring a full time or part time employee. No matter which skill level is required, we’ll make sure you get the right person for the job at an affordable rate.

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