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Candid, practical advice on how your business can tap into emerging technology.

More than half of Australia’s businesses use innovative technology – to plan enterprise resources, process payments, work remotely or for other high-value functions.

That means just under half don’t innovate.

Have the confidence your business is leading the next wave of change, not just catching up. We’re passionate about sharing technology insights, making sure our clients are first to know about valuable new technologies that can support their business strategy.

Our consulting services range from system architecture and strategic planning, to research-based consulting designed to untap business potential.

IT Strategy

Planning for the future is critical to the success of any technology-focused business. Elastic IT has the knowledge and expertise to scope, strategise and build your future IT roadmap.

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Microsoft Azure

Get help designing, securing and deploying the Microsoft cloud infrastructure that best suits your business.

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Here’s why clients like working with Elastic IT:


We’ll probe beyond your brief, to understand what the real issue is and what you really need. We’re not yes-men: we’ll tell you if there’s a better way.


By drawing from a stack of experience, we can easily overcome technology obstacles that regular consultants would struggle with.


Be heard: so you know the proposed tech solutions always match your actual business challenges. Proper listening is critical to how we operate.


Responsive, secure technology is like a generator for business revenue growth. We take pride in delivering transformative solutions at competitive rates.

We believe technology will guide your business forward. Ask us how.

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