Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Cloud enablement made easy

Are you starting to outgrow your current in-house IT infrastructure? Or is that critical application that you rely on to bring in revenue constantly going down due to failing hardware? It might be time to start looking at moving to the cloud. Moving line of business applications to cloud infrastructure can significantly increase their reliability and reduce the capital needed in order to sustain IT infrastructure growth.


Finding the right cloud service is all about knowing what you’re trying to achieve and that’s where Elastic IT can ensure you are getting the right solution. We’re constantly testing and evaluating new solutions as they go to market so we’re always in step with the current cloud technology. Some of the solutions we work with are:

Microsoft Azure

Amazon Web Services

Private & Hybrid Cloud

Cloud Backup & DR

Office 365

3cx Voip & Cloud PBX

cloud services
cloud services

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Making your IT systems redundant and reliable

Hybrid cloud technology can give you the best of both worlds. By giving your local in-house IT systems a fall back that lives in the cloud, staff can continue operating in the event of a disaster or system outage. By utilising these types of deployments, the benefits of having a local server or application platform are retained and there is less reliance on continually stable or redundant internet links. This is of particular significance for Australian businesses, since our internet can be expensive and unreliable in certain areas.


If you are currently running the latest versions of Windows server with a valid Software Assurance license, then you’re already in a good position to start utilising Microsoft Azure Hybrid Benefit. This allows you to move workloads into Azure for a fraction of the normal cost. Being a Microsoft Cloud Partner, Elastic IT has a wealth of experience when it comes to Microsoft Hybrid deployments and can advise you on what is a best fit for your IT environment.

Cloud Migration Services

We’re the Cloud Migration experts

Moving to the Cloud has never been easier, however there are many factors that can make the move challenging. There needs to be a clear purpose and defined benefits for moving workloads to a Cloud platform from the very beginning. Not having this insight can mean an expensive exercise that doesn’t deliver on its original intention or provides a poor user experience.


That’s where Elastic IT can help you find the right Cloud solution for the task at hand and help you crunch the numbers to make sure it’s viable. We’ll also help you weigh up the benefits with the associated risks so you can make an informed decision on whether moving to the Cloud is right for your business.


Once a solution has been decided, we’ll set in motion a full migration plan including dedicated engineers who’ll be there from start to finish. All of which is fully documented and project planned to ensure budgets are kept in check and timelines are met.

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