Managed Cloud Backup

Managed Cloud Backup

A complete disaster recovery solution

With today’s ransomware viruses & cyber attacks, protecting your company data has never been so critical. A single malware incident or environmental disaster can lead to the loss of all company data and IT systems. Having a reliable offsite backup and disaster recovery platform can mean the difference between a business continuing to function or ceasing operations completely.


Elastic IT’s Managed Cloud Backup service is a hybrid backup platform designed for physical servers, virtual machines and workstations. By combining onsite & offsite cloud storage, we’re able to give customers the benefits of fast recovery when files go missing or restore an entire server infrastructure in the event of a total disaster.


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A cloud backup service that works with all platforms

Our Managed Cloud Backup service works with all major workstation & server operating systems, as well as the Hyper-V & Vmware virtualisation platforms. Also included is the ability to protect applications such as MS SQL, Exchange & Sharepoint at no extra cost.


Disaster recovery goes even further with the ability to recover physical & virtual servers into remote virtual environments and even into Azure & Amazon cloud. This coupled with full bare-metal & continuous recovery means our Managed Cloud Backup service is a true, all-in-one data protection and disaster recovery solution.

Cloud backup with secure local storage

Know where your data is and that it’s protected with end-to-end encryption

endpoint protection

By utilising the AES-256 bit encryption algorithm, your data is completely inaccessible to anyone who tries to read it without proper access. This applies to both the onsite data and the data stored in the cloud, giving that extra layer of security in the event that a backup storage device is stolen. AES-256 is currently the strongest encryption method used globally as it has been proven to be unbreakable, undergoes regular public testing of it’s security and is currently the standard used by the NSA.

Data copied to the to the cloud is also sent over SSL transmission so it’s unreadable by anyone intercepting the traffic. All data that’s protected by our Cloud Backup service is held in Equinix datacentre in Sydney. Equinix datacentres in Australia adhere to the ISO 27001, PCI DSS and SOC 1 Type II standards.

The private key is the only way to unlock the backup data and make it accessible. Since this key is unique, it will only work on the machine it belongs to, meaning it’s the most important part of the whole data protection process. We have implemented strict controls regarding access and the location of where these private keys are stored, as well as a key recovery process in case of a total disaster. All our private keys are encrypted with the same AES-256 encryption used for backups.

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