Case Studies

Every client of ours is unique and so are the challenges they face. This is a small selection of ways we’ve helped overcome those challenges, and generate a successful outcome.

“the names have been changed to protect the innocent”

For privacy and security reasons, we have not used the real names of our customers.
This information is available upon request.

Client A

Data Analytics Consulting firm

The challenge:

Client A is a consulting firm with multiple office across Australia, New Zealand and UK. With over 120 staff, their clients include multinational corporations, government and infrastructure. To be able to stand out from other consultancies,

Client A chose to pursue the IS0 27001 standard as a way to demonstrate their information security posture. This would put them in a leading position when tendering for new projects, as well as bring assurance to their existing clients.

The solution:

Starting from ground zero, we engaged an independent organisation to perform a gap analysis of Client A’s information security management system (or ISMS).

Once we had a clear picture of what needed to be addressed in order to comply with the ISO 27001 standard, we put in place a custom-designed managed service to meet these requirements.

The managed service we provide consists of:
  • Outsourcing the role & responsibilities of an IT Manager to Elastic IT
  • IT support & helpdesk for their globally-distributed workforce
  • Remote monitoring & patch management of servers, laptops and networking equipment
  • Creating and maintaining ISMS procedures
  • Endpoint protection for all company-owned devices
  • Security log review via SIEM
  • Recording actions of periodic reviews, approvals and other scheduled activities in our helpdesk system as evidence of compliance with the ISMS
The outcome:

We were able to easily demonstrate to an external ISO 27001 auditor that Client A was maintaining compliance with its own ISMS policies & procedures. Client A was then able to obtain ISO 27001 certification on the first attempt.

Aside from achieving the initial goal of certification, Client A is saving over 50% compared to if they hired an internal IT manager.

Client B

Financial Services & Insurance firm

The challenge:

Client B is an up and coming financial services firm that was struggling with migrating their data from Google Workspaces into Office 365. While they are a team technically-minded people, this was proving difficult to get over the line.

When things reached crisis-point, they began looking for a Microsoft Partner who could
assist. Elastic IT was selected as the partner of choice.

The solution:

Elastic IT performed an audit of the existing Google Workspaces deployment. While nothing out of the ordinary was found, there were several potential issues that were highlighted.

As Client B did not have Office 365 yet, we set up their tenant and supplied the licenses at a discounted rate.

Using our preferred data migration platform, we were able seamlessly migrate Gmail data directly across to Exchange Online and Google Drive data directly into Microsoft Teams. All with zero downtime for Client B.

The outcome:

Client B were able to fully take advantage of the Office 365 suite and had all their existing Google data migrated with zero downtime.

We also secured their Office 365 tenant using our own security baseline and the Azure AD Premium P2 license. To date, 2 security incidents have been prevented by having these security measures in place.

Elastic IT have since added Proofpoint Essentials email security, along with the NAble Office 365 backup platform to further secure Office 365.

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