We’re in this business not just because we like to install servers, connect devices and replace forgotten passwords.

Sure we get a buzz from seeing solid technology run smoothly.

But what we’re really fighting for is your right to stay secure from the threatscape, with brilliant systems that drive your business revenue. Cyber security is the single biggest threat to our digital democracy and it’s only getting bigger. That’s why every project we take on has an element of pre-hacking the hackers – of fighting vulnerabilities before they’re even there for exploit.

Apart from making sure our clients aren’t among the estimated $29 billion in damage caused each year by cyberattacks in Australia, our work guides their business growth through smart systems, timely support and fiercely independent advice.

We’re always switched on to technology, so your business can be too.

Supporting our director and founder, Clive Bell, is a team of talented engineers with an average of 10 years’ experience each. We’re driven, communicative and curious and we work to a simple set of core values.



Putting security first

Security shouldn’t be an afterthought for your business environment. That’s why we put IT security at the forefront of everything we do, so you’re never just catching up.


Enabling flexibility

The days of working from one location are long gone. We believe you should be able to succeed wherever you are, whenever you want.


Independence and integrity

If we think it’s a big problem, we’ll tell you. If we think it’s a small one, we’ll tell you too. And if we think one product is better than another, we’ll give you our unbiased opinion. Because we’re candid yet committed to the best results, our clients trust us to manage their most critical technology.



Creating a happy office makes for happy employees – and in turn, happy customers. We’re building a workplace culture where staff like coming to work, interacting with others and fulfilling their potential.

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