About Us

Who is Elastic IT?

Elastic IT provides IT services & solutions to small & medium-sized businesses. We have been in the IT industry for nearly 10 years and have provided our services to clients from all across Australia and the APAC region.



Our aim is to provide our customers with reliable IT support and rock-solid IT solutions while retaining a personable, flexible and transparent approach. We’re committed to giving you the right guidance in order to make business processes more streamlined while ensuring a secure, robust and easy IT experience.

This is our mission to you

We stand by our values above all else

Honesty & Integrity

We aim to be completely honest and transparent with our customers, right from day one. By doing so, we hope you can put your faith and trust in us to manage what is arguably the most critical component of your business.

Teamwork & Culture

Creating a happy office leads to happy employees, which in turn leads to happy customers. We want to create an environment where staff like coming to work, engage with other people and leave at the end of the day with a smile on their face.

Reliability & Consistency

Nothing could be more important for a Managed Service provider. Keeping consistent with what we do as a business is vital to ensuring we provide excellent levels of service & ensuring our customers’ IT environment is reliable as possible.

Put Elastic IT to the test

We believe technology can help your business succeed and we’re willing to prove it.

Find out how we can make it happen with a free consultation. Call us on 1300 451 391 or simply fill out the form below and let’s get started!