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Grow capacity

Protect networks


tactics in business technology

Capture more opportunities in a modern economy, and stay protected from the threatscape 24/7. We’re on the watch long after your devices have powered down, and well before new innovations burst onto your business horizons.


Urgent problems solved

Issues with networks, devices, a security breach or something else?



Kick off an IT change

Find out what the future of IT looks like for your business.



Learn what makes us different

We’re for a new digital democracy, where ideas, data and networks can pulse 24/7

About us

Knock Knock Knock…

(Who’s There?)

Uh oh

Trouble knocking? Elastic IT is your cyber-defence team.

We make sure the routine stuff gets done, data is backed up and the right security is in place. We’re here to keep the Wolf of Misfortune away from your virtual business door.


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    Why us?

    If your business technology isn’t efficient, scalable, mobile or profitable, then there’s something wrong.
    We love taking care of technology. Connecting dots. Preventing threats. Catching small, unremarkable errors before they implode. Throughout, we’re super approachable and team-focused, so you’re not just confident we’re guiding your technology to a better outcome – you’re as excited about it as we are

    Problem solvers

    Being obsessed about details, we’re fast to spot problems and then resolve them.


    Technology changes daily, so we’re always up-to-date on how your tech could be supporting you better.

    Plain talkers

    We believe in simple, jargon-free explanations, so you understand exactly what we’re doing and why.

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